Angel Marcos Montes Full Stack Developer

About me

Versatile Full-Stack Web Developer diving into iOS Development with Swift and SwiftUI, dedicated to continuous learning and knowledge-sharing. Eager to explore new horizons and innovate in mobile app development.


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Chemical structure diagram generator from any IUPAC name, SMILES input or common name, supports both english and spanish languages by using the Google Translation API and draws the molecule image with a customized fork of Sourire. Hosted in Firebase and in Amazon Web Services EC2, built with Angular.

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Help Desk

Ticketing system software I built to really put into practice building a robust API Gateway and using intermediate to advanced RxJS.

The backend is made with Node JS, using express and sequelize. It features route authentication with JSON Web Tokens as well as a strong focus on role based control, since I wanted the system to be customizable to a certain degree.
I built the frontend with Angular, implemented real time updates on tickets and a notification module with RxJS.

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Red Batiz

Course management Google classroom-like, system built from the ground up with Angular, MySQL and NodeJS. It was my first fullstack project.

I developed the backend as an API Gateway, using express.js and Sequelize ORM. It also features basic role based access control and a file-upload system; the uploaded images were sotred on a self-hosted server.

The frontend featured a real-time post update every time someone enrolled in the class posted anything. It served me as practice for cross component interaction using event emitters.

I also developed a native Android version following the MVP architecture with fully-fledged email and facebook authentication. The database was managed using Firestore Database and the uploaded images using Firebase storage.

Electromagnetic Field Sim

Built from the ground up with pure Javascript canvas, the app calculates the intensity of the electric field on a specific point in real time, based on the properties of the charges added to the field.